Live Action: Game Trailer



You have been asked to create a trailer for a film based computer style game this can be for the Rockstar game – L.A Noire, as a default choice.

Or you can pick a different game, however, it must be set within a contemporary (the present/UK based) setting for logistical reasons.

  • Working in small production groups of 3 (maximum of 4). Plan, shoot and edit a film trailer.
  • The trailer will be between 1:30 minute and 2 minutes long, works within the Action/Thriller (or chosen) genre – suspense driven narrative where you are not quite sure of the outcome.
  • The final film trailer should be made using Professional pre-production techniques. It must use live action and can include only up to 20 seconds of in-game-graphics.
  • You can use a green screen, 3D and animation if required, but be mindful of the time-scale, avoid doing anything too ambitious.
  • As an individual demonstrate your specific role in the production, you must include all planning/ pre-production, filming, final edit involvement. This can be evidenced in your Sketchbooks and Blogs.

Task 1


Individually: You each need to come up with 2 ideas/narratives for the Film. This can be evidenced by a synopsis/plot with clear narrative development, main characters and visual design in detail. These need to be added to your Blog

In class you will present your two concepts to your group, each group then needs to choose a concept to take forward and develop. Your tutor needs to witness this process.

Your discussion will be filmed for Internal and External Verification

This provides evidence for [P2, M2, D2]

Narrative #1

People have disappeared from the woodland area. John, a local cameraman, decides to enter the uncharted area to record and document his findings.

Film Props

  • White Morph Mask
  • Fake Blood
  • Video Camera
  • Flash Light

Camera Angles

  • A mixture of 1st person and 3rd person shots.

Narrative #2