We used Adobe After Effects to create a chain that swings from side to side. In order to complete this task, we downloaded a chain image from Google and imported it into Illustrator, so that we could create a custom brush preset. We then used this brush to create a group of chains. With the chain created, we then exported it as an Ai and imported it into After Effects, each layer was then placed into the assets folder. Here are some steps to show the progression of the animatic:

Step 1: Create a new composition and drag each chain onto the composition.

Step 2: Using an external plugin called “Duik” apply a rig to the chain link.

Step 3: Once the rig has been applied, use the “position” tool under the transform option, to move the chain.

Step 4: Move the play head each time, and re-position the chain link while taking keyframes.

Step 5: Playback the animation to see if you have produced the correct motion of the “Chain Swinging”.

Step 6: Once you have completed the animation, tweak areas in which you feel necessary so that the animation is smooth and flows.

Step 7: Save the animation and export it to the highest quality, and then upload to your google drive.

Chain Animation:

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/2FhOUaATaJM