♠ HUD Assignment planner 2017 ♠

Task 1: Create a plan of how you will approach your work over the course of the brief. You must include a detailed work schedule for the whole period of the brief. Describe how you will research, generate ideas, develop ideas, produce digital mock-ups and produce finished digital assets. Keep a log of your progress. Refer to Moodle for planning resources.

Key Points:

  • Weekly Plan
  • Detailed Work Schedule
  • Describe: How you will research, Generate Ideas, Develop Ideas, Produce Digital Mock-ups and produce Finished  Digitial Assets.
  • Refer to Moodle

Here is the weekly plan I developed:


The image above portrays detailed instructions:

  1. What Task I should start first and when.
  2. How the Task should be organised.
  3. Has the Task been completed.
  4. Finally any notes I have created throughout the progression of each Task.

After the creation of this Task Planner, I then developed a Gantt Chart in Microsoft Excel. This is an advanced progression tracker that determines when the Task should’ve been started and ended and when I actually started and finished.

Week 1


The image above represents my progress from “Week 1”. The Red line indicates the Date the work should’ve been started. The Blue Line represents the Date I did start.

The X – Axis shows the Dates and the Y – Axis shows the Task Names.

Week 2