We took a trip down to London to visit the science museum. It’s fascinating models and replicas of engines inspired me to draw them from different angles and positions. When we arrived to the Aeroplane section, we had to take photos of the planes so that we could complete the four boxes below.

In the next lesson, we were asked to create four boxes (20 x 20cm in size). Within these four boxes, we had to draw different sections of the body work.

The first box shows an engine of the plane with three pipes pointing towards the tail. This was a tonal drawing.

The second image, portrays the division logo that the aircrafts were in. We had to draw this with mark making and texture.

The third box represents the right wing from the left hand side. It’s painted in ink, to convey a monochromatic effect.

Lastly, the fourth box shows the initials of the plane. This was a line drawing, no shading was required.Untitled.png

Every box varied in depth, tone, texture and shape. Once we had completed all the boxes below, we then enlarged one of them onto another page. In addition, the box had to contain 25 smaller boxes (this is so that we could precisely copy the original drawing). With all the sketching complete, we then had to use three analogous colours to paint each box. I used Blue, Light Blue/white and Green. I chose these colours because they represented the camouflage on the metal frame.


Untitled 1.png