In this lesson, we had to print off several images from our science museum trip. Once the images had been printed of we then prepared the table for the transfer process. Firstly, we used a roller to spread ink on a rectangular plastic sheet. After that, we then gathered a thin sheet of art supply paper and used masking tape to stick the photograph to the sheet of paper. Then, we put the art paper down on the ink and using a sharp pencil we traced over the photo. Once we had traced over the image, we then lifted the paper up and the ink should have transferred onto the paper. With the pencil indenting the paper it created a drawing of the photograph in ink.

For a negative copy, we gathered another sheet of art supply paper and placed it over the plastic. Then we used the roller to transfer the ink onto the paper. Here are some photos of the design: Ink 1.png

Ink 2.png

Ink 3.png

Ink 4.png