I created a font page in photoshop with every typeface I could have and did use in my final three designs. All of the fonts included on the page were downloaded from http://www.Dafont.com.


  1. Bayformance – This font is featured in my alternative design. I decided to choose this font as its clean and professional. Furthermore, some letters, in particular, have been altered to be more stylish e.g. “A”, “E” and “F”.
  2. Agency FB – I used this font in my final design. It represents structure and stability due to its thin and slick look. “Agency” relates to a police force in America called the FBI, and in my poster, I’ve used police cars with the font to replicate a metropolis.
  3. Road Rage – This font is shown in my final design in red. The urban brush font portrays the harsh concrete and the marks tyres leave on the road. It also relates to a metropolis as its stylish but rustic.
  4. Propaganda Sight – Many posters during the first and second world war featured “Propaganda”, it was to show a political or biased opinion on a subject matter. I wanted to use this as it showed a deeper meaning like Adolphe Cassandre did in his “Normandie” poster.
  5. Shadows of Security – I looked at this font due to its sharp edges and rusty texture. It emanates a metallic effect. This connotes a construction site and the building materials used within it. for example Metal, concrete etc.
  6. Tasty Birds – This font is simple but effective due to its hand drew style. I didn’t choose it as it wouldn’t have gone with the final design as it had to be more bold and sharp, rather than thin and rounded off.
  7. MCF Legion of Darwin – This font reminds me of a woodland area, with intertwining strokes and arrowhead points. The font is too technical and would disrupt the viewer from the rest of the design.
  8. Vintage Avalanche – This font is sophisticated and expresses that of a professional designer. However, the design is too generic and I wanted a font type which grabbed the audience while simultaneously promoting the rest of the poster.
  9. Idilica – This Art Deco font imitates the Normandie font design by Adolphe Cassandre. It was popular during the early 1900s, due to its modernist style. However, its outdated and wouldn’t have been as eye-catching as the typeface I. chose.