This was the first lesson we had with Simon Klein. In order to find out our strengths and weaknesses, he gave us a simple task; to draw a “Dinosaur” using graphite. From previous teachers, I have learnt to draw simple shapes at the beginning to outline the important parts of an object, in this case, it was the head (Oval shape), body (egg shape) and legs (circle shapes) that were the significant parts.

I shaded in the front leg using different pressures to allow a fluctuation in tones, this was to enhance the three-dimensional effect and in turn, lead to a more realistic sketch/drawing.

Due to the object being a toy, it had strong contours on the legs and head. I implemented this aspect into my work, by thinly sketching a line from the bend in the foot to the upper section of the leg, and to define the nasal area, I also drew a thin line from the tusk to the horn.

With more time, I would have overlapped detail i.e the scales of the Dinosaur, however, this assignment was only to show our ability in art and time management.Graphite_Dinosaur_Drawing.png