In this lesson, we used Adobe Illustrator to create the simple shapes of the basket. Here are the steps that we used as reference:

Using the basic techniques taught to you in the previous session, plus some others outlined here, create a shopping basket:

Step 1: Firstly, Open Abobe illustrator.

Step 2: Once Adobe Illustrator has loaded, create a New Document.

Step 3: Within this New Document, Create a shopping basket shaped Rhombus, (don’t create a stroke). Create a Sphere, hold down the  shift key to constrain

Step 4: Go to Effects > Distort & Transform >. Click on preview, choose how many repeats you want & horizontal movement

Step 5: Copy and Paste the row of spheres. 

Step 6: Click on a single row. Go to Object > Expand > Appearance. Go to Object – Ungroup. Delete any extra spheres. Do this for each row. 

Step 7: Group all the spheres. Hold the shift key and also select the basket.

Step 8: Go to Window > Pathfinder (dock this to the side) and select “Minus Front”.

Step 9: Create a handle and a bolt, as per the image below. 

Step 10: Save as a .JPG and upload to blog.


This Illustrator task was to show how we use the fundamentals we learnt in previous lessons to our advantage. In this case, we created a Shopping Basket.

Although the task was simple, we could use these simple rules and steps in the future with other designs and concepts. 

The picture below is of the design I created using the steps from the sheet that was provided on Moodle. The information sheet was vital as it indicated tips that we should use when undertaking illustrator assignments. screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-16-30-19

The picture above also portrays small objects within the basket. After we had created the shopping basket we then had to create fruit to go into the basket. Here are some steps that we took in order to create the fruit:

Step 1: Once the shopping basket had been created, we then started to create the fruit. I used the pen tool and shape tool to create the simple designs.

Step 2: I went onto to find images of fruit.

Step 3: I saved all the images into Google Drive folder.

Step 4: Once all the images had been saved into my Google Drive folder I then imported them into the Adobe Illustrator document.

Step 5: Once all the photos had been imported, I then used the pen tool to trace over each image.

Step 6:  With the Apple, I traced over the image using the pen tool. When the tracing was completed I then changed the Stroke and Fill of the apple.

Step 7: I used the photograph of the Apple as a reference, then I changed the gradient so that it was accurate to the original image.

Step 8: I repeated this process for each individual fruit.

Step 9: I then rearranged the layer order so that the fruit was behind the basket.

Step 10: I then repositioned each individual fruit so that they all were showing within the basket. Once the shopping basket had been created I then; Saved as > Google Drive Folder. Lastly, I then exported the image at the highest quality possible without taking a lot of space. File > Export.