Information HUD – Strategy & Payoff


Permanent HUD: The HUD is always there e.g. Ammo, Mini-Map Scoreboard.

Pull-Up HUD: Something that you have control of.

Actioned HUD: Within the Gameplay the HUD will come up, e.g. Health, Death Congratulation.


17th November 2017

Original  Mario Kart HUD


Super Mario Kart was the first 2 dimensional edition to the series of games. It’s simplistic pixels convey a variety of bright, vibrant colours. On the screen, the HUD shows how many coins you have collected, the laps you have to complete, your time and the position. The purpose of the game, is to allow the player to feel as if he/she is in a different realm playing as a relatable character. The player must drive a “Kart” around a simple asphalt track in order to overtake other players to win. The player could enjoy the company of others globally or play solo against the CPUs. Although the game has limiting features and colours, it’s appealing retro perspective allows all players to enjoy the game together, no matter where you come from.


Mario Kart 64 was second in line after Super Mario Kart. It was a revolutionary game; as it was developed and produced 3 dimensionally. It still portrayed the same HUD as Super MArio KArt.