In this lesson we created a campfire ambient sound effect. The program we used for this process was Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro. Here are some ion depth steps, which show you how we created the sound effect:


Step 1: Firstly, we researched a famous creator called Jack Donovan Foley who worked with Universal Studios. Foley reproduced everyday sound effects which were then added to film, video, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality.

Step 2: Once we had researched how he created the sound effects, we then implemented the idea into our own work.

Step 3: We bought crisp packets and either emptied them or kept them whole. This was so that we could rustle them about near the microphone on the MAC.

Step 4: We opened Adobe Audition, and created a new file called “Campfire”. Once we had created the New File, we clicked on the RECORD button.

Step 5: Then we used the crisp packet to make the sound.

Step 6: When the sound was created; we then imported it into a multitrack player.

Step 7: We repeated the process, creating new sounds to add to the library of effects.

Step 8: Once we tweaked around with the settings and the effects of the Multi track file, we then saved the file and exported it into our Google Drive Folder.

Step 9: With the Folder created, we then downloaded a video from Moodle. The video contained a fire in a forest.

Step 10: With both the video file and Audio file selected, we then created a New Document in Premiere Pro. We dragged and dropped both the files into the document.

Step 11: We altered the settings and cropped the video so that it matched the audio files length. With all of the settings changed, we then exported it into the highest quality.

Step 12: Once we had exported the file, we then uploaded it onto YouTube.