Today, we created a Mood Board; which included old and new contemporary, architectural buildings. Here are some steps in which we took in order to create the Mood Board.

Step 1: Firstly, we went onto

Step 2: We searched “London Buildings”.

Step 3: Once we had searched “London Buildings” we took the pictures we liked of old and new buildings and created a folder within Google Drive, called: “Mood Board Pictures”.

Step 4: Once we had all the pictures imported into the folder, we then added them into a blank A3 Document in photoshop in which we placed them to our liking.

Step 5: Once we had placed all the photos; Overlapping them, cropping them and re-scaling them, we saved our project into our Google Drive Folder.

This Mood Board was a simplistic design to provide visual information on the architectural structures within the vicinity of London. I used various buildings, for Example; The Gherkin, London Eye, Houses of Parliament etc. mood_board_01