Today, we created the ambient effect of a campfire crackling on Adobe Audition. The materials that we used were either: Crisp Packets or Bubble-Wrap. Here are some steps in which we took in order to create the multi-track:


Step 1: Firstly, we researched the famous creator called Jack Donovan Foley; who worked for Universal Studios. Foley reproduced everyday sound effects which were then added to film, video, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality.

Step 2: Once we had researched Foley. We then applied his method of creating virtual audio. We then implemented it into our own work. To do this, we used crisp packets and bubble wrap to create the low and high frequency crackles of the flame.

Step 3: We opened a New Document on Adobe Audition, then selected the “REC” button in which we held the crisp packet/bubble wrap to the microphone.

Step 4: With the crisp packet/bubble wrap held up to the microphone, we then rustled the packet to create the ambient noise.

Step 5: Once we created one track, we then created several more; trying to make different pitch noises.

Step 6: We then created the Multi-track, in which we added all the sub-tracks. With all the sub-tracks added, we modified the sound by incorporating effects e.g. Full Reverb.

Step 7: We used the razor tool and cut the excess parts of each track, this was so that they all ended at the same time. With the volume level selected, we faded in and out the track volume.

Step 8: With the Campfire sound effect created. We then saved it and Exported it to the specific folder on Google Drive.