Screen Printing Definition:
Force ink or metal on to (a surface) through a prepared screen of fine material so as to create a picture or pattern.
The company that originally made the “Screen Print” method was Ryonet.

Firstly, design your print. Then Use a craft knife to cut out all the coloured parts of your design. Put your stencil on top of your material (paper or t-shirt) and the screen on top of the stencil. Take some paint and create a line furthest away from you.Use the squeegee to spread the paint over the mesh. Try to do it with one downwards movement — or the least number of strokes possible. This makes it look as smooth and professional as can be.

Always, make vertical strokes. If you make both horizontal and vertical strokes, the paint will clump and be harder to dry and finish.Once you reach the bottom, keep going and scoop the excess paint up the handle to be reused.