Here are some steps that we took to modify the original image:

Step 1: We created a blank document in photoshop.

Step 2: We then went onto moodle and saved and image of the “Pentinto Wine” Bottles into our Google Drive folder.

Step 3: Once we had saved the image, we then imported it into the blank document.

Step 4: With the original picture selected, we locked the original layer and duplicated the image.

Step 5: With the “Copied” Layer selected, we then went to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels. This then created a new Adjustment layer that we can edit.

Step 6: Double click on the icon which shows the white spikes diagram in the layers panel. Then Underneath the RGB diagram, alter the sliders to your liking. When the sliders are moved left or right, the Hue and Saturation of the image will change depending on which way you position the button. In this case, I made the overall image to be brighter and more vibrant.

Step 7:  Then click on the mask next to the diagram layer. A box will appear. Click “Invert”.

Step 8: Once the image is inverted, the layer should turn black. Go to the brush tool and click on brush presets which is located in Window. Change the brush type and size to your liking.

Step 9: Then go down to the swatches tool (which is situated in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen) and switch the colour from black to white.

Step 10: Then, once the colours have been switched, paint in diagonal lines over the wine bottle (make sure that the paint brushes opacity is around 30%).

Step 11: Select the polygonal lasso tool from the tools panel and outline the wine bottle.

Step 12: Once the wine bottle has been selected, go to select > Inverse. This will inverse the images selection to the outside of the wine bottle.

Step 13: Using the same method as earlier, Change the RGB levels of Hue and Saturation and make the outside of the wine bottle darker.

Step 14: With the inverse layer selected, change the Saturation of the image by repositioning the slider all the way to the left so that the background is black and white.

Step 15: With the wine bottle mask selected, go to the Hue and Saturation panel again, and click on the master panel. Change the setting from “Master” to “Yellow” and slide the button further to the right.