In this lesson, we created an image of an elephant. We also had the challenge of only using one layer. Again, I used the brush tool to create the background and the smudge tool to give the effect of a summer haze. Here are some steps in which I took in order to create the image:

Step 1: Firstly, I created a blank document in photoshop.

Step 2: Once I had the blank document set up, I then started to create the background of the image. I used various colours to imitate the visual effect of a summer haze in a hot country.

Step 4: Once I had done the scenery, I was prepared to create the elephant also using the brush tool. If I had more time, I would have used different thicknesses, and brush types to emulate the image of the elephant.

Step 5: Once I had the scenery of the image completed I then Saved the image into a specified folder of my choice.