16 September 2016 at 16:58

In this lesson, we were taught how to select a certain part of the image and duplicate it into another area. The tool we used for this was the “Healing Tool”. The Healing Brush tool allows you to fix image imperfections such as scratches, blemishes, etc. By sampling the surrounding area or using a predefined pattern you can blend the imperfections into the rest of the image. The healing brush tool is located in the Photoshop Toolbox, on the left-hand side of the screen.

Here are some steps I took in order to create this image:


Step 1: Firstly, I opened photoshop and created a blank document in which I altered the settings.

Step 2: I then went onto Google (www.Google.co.uk), and searched for “CityScape”.

Step 3: In order to find the specific image below, you have to go to http://www.Google.co.uk > Search CityScape > Click on “Search Tools” > Size > Larger Than > 2 MP (1600 x 1200).

Step 4: Once we had “Saved Image As”, then we imported it into photoshop.

Step 5: We locked the image and renamed it to BackGround. We then duplicated the image so that we weren’t destructively damaging the original image.

Step 6: After that, we chose the “Spot Healing Brush” tool.

Step 7: We then “Healed” areas we wanted to alter. In the two images below I decreased the height of one of the tallest buildings, and completely deleted the triangular tower on the right-hand side of the image.

Step 8: To begin with, you establish a sample point by Option/Alt-clicking on the portion of the image you wish to sample from. Release the Option/Alt key and move the cursor over to the point where you want to clone to and click or drag with the mouse to carry out the healing brush retouching.

Original Image
Healed Image